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Can Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset may let you see invisible things? OMG.

Mixed Reality headset, Apple

As the leaks came out people were so surprised that Apple is working on the Mixed Reality Headset.that lets you see invisible things in your surroundings that naked eyes can’t. These features looks so cool.

Based on the text, it can be inferred that Apple plans to use additional signals to activate a function that will allow users to see electromagnetic signals such as Wi-Fi or gas leaks. Interestingly, the list of potential uses for this function does not end there; it could also allow musicians to tune their instruments by seeing the sound waves.

The Mixed Reality Headset can help to detect fires through the heat patterns as well. Moreover, users can see inside the cupboards by creating AR (Augment Reality) overlay.

As a Pantenly Apple reported, the Apple application patent reveals that the Mixed Reality Headset can allow users to see things that the naked eye cannot see. Namely, Heat Patterns, Sound Waves, Wi-Fi Signals, Gas Leaks, etc.

Through the MR headset user can help detect gas leaks and fires, and also Wi-Fi signals for adjusting the router. it is said to use an infrared sensor to allow users to see the heat that helps them detect fire.

It looks like Apple will launch the MR headset in 2023. There is a rumor that tech Giants working on three more new headsets, dubbed N301, N602, and N421. 9to5Mac reported that Apple’s first MR headset will be Apple reality. It looks likely to be complete with facebook’s upcoming AR/VR headset.

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