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‘Quick Device Connect’ Battery Draining And Overheating OnePlus. How To Resolve?

Battery Draining and overheating OnePlus

Recently, OxygenOS 12 has been rolled out for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 9 series users. After the second stable update of OxygenOS 12, many users have reported fast battery draining and overheating OnePlus devices. In this article we are providing a quick resolution to that issue.

Finding Issue Of Battery Draining And Overheating OnePlus

Firstly, let’s find out the cause of excessive battery drainage. We are using OnePlus 8 Pro on which OxygenOS 12 is running. To find out the issue we need to visit the battery section in settings. Check the power consumption by apps.

Quick device connect consuming so much battery

As you can observe, ‘Quick Device Connect’ app is consuming so much of battery. It has almost consumed 155% of battery. The percentage is above 100 because battery section displays the data of last 24 Hrs. In that period, our OnePlus 8 Pro was charged for 3 times, means 300% so out of that ‘Quick Device Connect’ app has consumed whopping 155%. Also, it has been first time that our OnePlus 8 Pro is being charged for 3 times in 24 hours.

Basically after the second stable update of OxygenOS 12, ‘Quick Device Connect’ app causing the issue of draining the battery faster. Due to which the battery temperature started rising and overheating the devices. In that period we have also observed the performance of the phone was not the same as it was performing before the update.

Most users have reported, they are also facing the same issue with the app called ‘Quick Device Connect’. Stay here if you are also facing the same issue and looking for the solution.

How To Resolve Battery Draining And Overheating OnePlus Devices Due To Quick Device Connect?

First of all, check the app version. Because in our scenario the app with 2.4 version was creating the issue of battery drain and overheating.

To check the app version, you need to follow the below steps.

Go to settings → ⚙︎

Search → App Management

Go to → App Management (you will see the list of installed apps)

Click → ⋮ (you can find that at upper right corner)

Click → Show System (option will appear after following previous step)

App Management

Search → Quick Device Connect

Go to → Quick Device Connect

Check the version of the app

If the app version is 2.4, then the issue of faster battery drain and overheating of your OnePlus phone can be resolved by updating the app or disabling it. As you can see this app cannot be disabled from the phone itself. There are ways to disable it but it’s a bit lengthy process. So we decided to go with the easier and faster process. That is, updating the app.

Currently, the update of the app has not been rolled out officially from the OnePlus while we are writing this article. So we need to do that manually by downloading the update file.

Simply, visit the link we have provided below and update the app directly from there.

This will take you to our Telegram channel where we have provided the file to update the app and get rid of the issue. It may ask for the permission of installing the application via Telegram, unable it. The app will be updated easily.

If you are not a Telegram user, don’t worry. We have attached our YouTube video guide in this article. Visit the YouTube video and you will find the alternate option of updating the app.

Post, updating the app. Follow the previous step to check the app version. The app must be updated to version 2.5.

Issue Resolved

After updating the app. We observed the improved battery backup of our OnePlus 8 Pro. Check out below the result of past 24 hours battery performance.

Battery Results

Lastly, observe the above graphs of battery performance. In the graph of BEFORE update, our battery percentage was drastically lowered from 100% to 25% in just 2 hours. While AFTER updating the app our battery percentage decreased from 75% to 25% in a long time duration of 12 hours.

YouTube Guide For Resolution Of Battery Draining And Overheating OnePlus

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