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Dev’s Bring iPhone 14 Dynamic Island Feature to Android. [Detailed]

MIUI theme, iPhone 14 Pro

Whenever Apple launches its new products there are buzzes among Apple lovers. recently Apple launched the iPhone 14 series and there is a lot of chattering about its Dynamic Island Display.

This feature only comes in iPhone 14 pro for now. We see clearly that Apple is succeeding in making iPhone 14 pro unique because of its Dynamic Island Display. Apple transforms its new notch into a Dynamic Island Display.

After watching Apple’s new display just a week after Some Chinese Dev’s made it for android. It’s not surprising we know that the iPhone’s full interface is already available for Android users. but the surprising part is. how it looks on android phones with a tiny left-side circle cut-out.

Dynamic island, iphone14, iPhone 14 Pro,

The above picture is a example of Dynamic Island Display. This is how it looks like. Click here for more details of Dynamic Island Display. By Mac Rumors

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iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island Integrated in Android

Cut to the chase

in the above video, android developers showed off their work on Mi Smartphone by developing MIUI theme.

As we see, How perfectly they integrated iPhone 14 pro‘s best feature into android and how the operator easily operates the tiny tray design for the music player. Which turns larger when the operator clicks on it. And hides the selfie camera in its notification box.

Surprisingly, This theme is available for MIUI users. so every MIUI user could experience it and use it daily on their smartphones. The theme name is Grumpy Theme.

The Grumpy theme is currently in the progress of submission if Xiaomi approves it it will be available on the MIUI theme store. But the current major problem is that this theme supports the Chinese language only. It will support all languages in the future.

App That Trun’s Android Smartphone Into Dynamic Island.

Dynamic island android

Some days back, Apple launched the iPhone 14 pro with Dynamic island features. Now surprisingly, the same feature is available for Android because of Dev’s. That’s the big reason why people love android.


DynamicSpot is an android app that brings the Dynamic island feature to any android phone. This app is made by jawomo and it is one of the good apps available on the play store. DynamicSpot is currently in the early access stage but it works well on most android devices.

How to bring dynamic Island feature in android?

  • First of all download DynamicSpot From the play store. And open it.
  • The first screen comes up, just TAP on next.
  • TAP on all three red crosses and allow permission for it.
DynamicSpot setting
  • After all the things are done, the screen shows like this just tap on Done.
DynamicSpot, Dynamic Island Android
  • Now TAP on the upright corners play button. BANG that’s set.
Dynamicspot, Dynamicisland

This is a simple guide that can bring dynamic Island features to any smartphone. We can also tweak it through the setting.



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