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Get Ready for iOS 16.4: Features and Launch Date.

iOS 16.4

On January 23, the public was given access to the iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3. However, the update was not a major one and did not bring about any significant changes to the operating system. Despite this, the release of the iOS 16.4 was still delayed.

In contrast, the upcoming iOS 16.4 will offer a more significant upgrade compared to the previous update. This article will cover the release date and expected features of iOS 16.4. If your device is eligible for the update, it is recommended to read the entire article to learn about the new features that will be available.

iOS 16.4 Release Date:

  • It is expected that the final version of iOS 16.4 will be available to the public by the conclusion of March 2023. At the moment, it is possible to upgrade to iOS 16.3.1, which is a minor update designed to address crucial security concerns and correct various glitches.
iOS 16.4

After the official release of iOS 16.3, it was expected that the beta versions of iOS 16.4 would become available a day later. Although the first beta was originally anticipated to be released in the first week of February, it appears that this was not the case.

Historically, the beta updates for iOS 16.x have been released on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As a result, it is anticipated that the first beta of iOS 16.4 will be available in mid-February 2023, followed by subsequent beta releases in the following week as long as everything is on schedule.

To get a better idea of the release timeline for iOS 16.4, it is helpful to examine the previous launches of iOS operating systems. For example, in 2022, iOS 15.4’s first beta was released on January 27, just one day after iOS 15.3 was launched. Similarly, beta versions for iOS 14.5 arrived in February 2021, as the company was providing updates more frequently. Furthermore, in 2020, iOS 13.4 was released on February 5, just one week after the launch of iOS 13.3.1.

Therefore, it is likely that iOS 16.4 will be officially launched in approximately a month or so, without considering beta versions. Based on the projected timeline, the first developer beta is expected to be released in the second week of February, followed by the public beta in the third week of February. The final release of iOS 16.4 is expected to be around March or early April, barring any unforeseen delays due to certain features requiring extensive development.

Expected features of iOS 16.4

Given that the iOS 16.3 update only included bug fixes and improvements to stability without introducing any significant changes, it is highly likely that the upcoming update will include many more new features than anticipated. The following are the highly anticipated and potentially included features of iOS 16.4.

  • New Emojis:

At the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2022, Apple announced the introduction of new emojis and stated that they would be added to iOS 16. As a result, it is probable that they will be included in iOS 16.4. Some of the significant emojis expected to be introduced by Unicode Emoji 15 include a light blue heart, a grey heart, a blackbird, a jellyfish, a moose, a donkey, a hair pick, maracas, a flute, a peapod, a folding hand fan, a hyacinth, ginger, a goose, a wing, Khanda, and many others. It should be noted that the final selection of emojis can vary depending on the company’s decision.

  • Apple music classic:

The corporation has been developing a redesigned classical music control system that will be operated through a new application. While the release was originally slated for 2022, it is now 2023. As a result, the changes to the classical music control system are expected to be included in the upcoming update.

  • Apple Pay Later:

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has reported that the feature is anticipated to be included in iOS 16.4. This feature is comparable to PayPal’s buy now, pay later option and will be offered in Apple’s Wallet application. Through the use of Apple Pay Later, customers in the United States can divide their purchases into four equal payments over six weeks without incurring any additional interest charges. Therefore, if you are interested in this feature, it may be included in the upcoming iOS 16.4 update.

  • Apple Card Savings Discount:

The Apple Card enables users to accumulate Daily Cash rewards while also saving for the future. The new savings program allows users to have their Daily Cash deposited into a high-yield Savings Account from Goldman Sachs, without disrupting their savings. Users can open this new account and their Daily Cash will be automatically deposited into it. This program does not require any fees, minimum deposit amounts, or minimum balance requirements. Although there is no specific launch date available, the release of the savings program is expected soon.

  • Web-Based Push Notifications:

The upcoming iOS 16.4 update is expected to introduce the ability for websites to send notifications through Safari on iPhones and iPads, similar to Macs. The update is also expected to bring improvements to device performance and stability, including bug fixes. The first beta will likely be provided to developers, followed by a public beta, and the stable release is expected by the end of March. Users who have experienced issues with iOS 16.3 may be looking forward to this update and its expected features, which include new emojis, Apple Pay Later, and a new savings discount through the Apple Card. The post will be updated with the latest developments.

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