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6 Things You Need To Know About WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Today.

WhatsApp disappearing messages

If you have been using WhatsApp you might know about WhatsApp disappearing messages. This feature is newly added to Whatsapp so that lots of people don’t, How to Enable and Disable it. In this Article. We will let you know everything about the Whatsapp disappearing message feature.


  • WhatsApp disappearing Feature.
  • Can WhatsApp disappearing messages be retrieved?
  • How to enable WhatsApp disappearing message.
  • How to disable WhatsApp disappearing message.
  • How To Send Disappearing Videos And Photos On Whatsapp.
  • How To Take Whatsapp Backup On Windows And Mac.

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WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature.

WhatsApp introduced there a new feature named Disappearing Massage that would automatically delete messages from the app, So here is a question that comes to mind, what gonna happen with your previous chats? Don’t worry, We can toggle it from a specific chat. If you want to keep your chat safe. The main purpose of adding this feature is to save the app storage.

Can Whatsapp Disappearing Message be Retrieved?

If Whatsapp messages getting disappeared from your device, then the solution is to move to chat backup and change the backup setting to daily from settings. Similarly here is another method that saves your data from being deleted. Mobile Trends that provide the one-click solution to backup entire Whatsapp data .

Note: If your message already disappeared from the app you can’t take the backup.

How To Enable WhatsApp Disappearing Messages.

1. Open WhatsApp chat.

2. Tap on the contacts name.

3. Tap disappearing messages. If prompted, tap continue.

4. By default it’s Off, select the On.

How To Disable WhatsApp Disappearing Messages.

Either user can disable disappearing message at any time for an individual chat. Once disabled, new messages sent in the chat will no longer disappear.

1.Open the WhatsApp chat.

2. Tap the contacts name.

3. Tap disappearing messages.If prompted, tap ‘continue’.

4.Select off.

You are done no longer losing your data.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

How To Send WhatsApp Disappearing messages, Videos, Photos.

View Once Mode, We can call this feature is a self-destructive feature because all photos and videos sent in view once mode will disappear after they are opened by the recipient. WhatsApp will display a message saying “opened” after the photo or video disappear from the chat. WhatsApp will also not store the media content on phones. if it’s sent using view once mode. Here is a guide, How to send a self-destructive message on Whatsapp?

1. Open any individual chat in WhatsApp and tap on the paper clip icon.

2. Select the photo or video you want to send to the recipient.

3. After, The selection look for new icon 1 in the text bar.

4. Tap on the icon so that photos or videos can be viewed only once.

How To Take Whatsapp Backup On Windows And Mac.

If your WhatsApp messages getting disappeared from your device. Then you might consider taking backup, In this article, We will guide you to take backup of WhatsApp data using Mobile-Trans Software. Mobile-trans is the one-tap solution to backup your data.

Here are some simple steps that you can take to backup your data with MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer.

Step 1: Launch the Backup application.

Install the application and launch the MobileTrans toolkit. From its home, select the “Backup&Restore” module and choose “Backup app data” to backup your messages.

WhatsApp disappearing messages

Step 2: Connect your iOS/Android device.

Now, using working cables, you can connect your smartphone and let MobileTrans detect them. The interface will automatically display a snapshot of your device with a list of what it can save.

WhatsApp disappearing messages

Step 3: Back up WhatsApp Data.

Simply click on the “Backup” button and wait as the application would save your chats. Though, if you are using an Android device, then go to its Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and backup your chats first.

WhatsApp disappearing messages

Once the backup is taken, reinstall WhatsApp and choose to restore your chats from the internal storage of your device.

WhatsApp disappearing messages

Now, you can wait for a few seconds as the application would maintain a backup of your chats on the desktop. Once the process is completed, MobileTrans will inform you so that you can safely remove your device.

WhatsApp disappearing messages


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