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11 Awesome Android Apps Adventure That They Don’t Tell.

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Here are 11 underrated Apps quick brief that might make your work easy or stress-free, As we know that now a day smartphone is a need in our daily life, and you can do lots of things with the help of Apps. But it’s also true that there are millions of apps available in the market and we only know a few of them. But what about the apps that make your work a lot easier here we are to guide you on some awesome Android apps.

1.TEB: The Social Automation.

Awesome android apps - The social automotion

Firstly, lets start with the app for the users who frequently use social media. As you may know, it’s very frustrating to copy and paste your post from one social network to another. In that instance, TEB is a perfect solution for making things easier. It helps to reach out to your audience with the social platforms in a few touches. Just create a post with a single interface and send it to all connected social networks.


Awesome android apps - PersonalDNSFilter

Sometimes it’s annoying to unwanted ads when you are browsing the web. So here is a tiny tool that works for you to block tracking, malware, and other unwanted content. DNSfilter is not VPN it doesn’t hide your IP or location it works only in VPN filters mode. However, with PersonalDNSfilter it’s not possible to block YouTube and Facebook ads.

3.Plantsnap – Awesome Android Apps

Awesome android apps -Plantsanap, android

Additionally we have an app called Plantsnap in our list for plant lover and also for students. It is a great app that let you identify any plant. Plantsnap can intently identify over 600,000 flower plants, flowers, trees, cacti, mushrooms, and more.
By using this app, we can also learn how to take care of any plant and how can we grow it. Moreover, there are also gardening tips and advice for tens of thousands of plant species. Also, with the help of Plantsnap, we can connect with the plantsnapper community which is having more than 50 million nature lovers from over 200 countries.

4.Disease Dictionary Offline

Awesome android apps - Disease dictionary offline, android

Next in the list we have Disease Dictionary Offline. You can say wiki of medical disease treatment. It is offline and lite version. It comes as one of the good apps available on the play store. The disease offline dictionary is freely available on the playstore this app contains a list of medical disorders and diseases that delivers all information about treatment and medical terminology. This book is like a clinic adviser for us, we can easily look app symptoms, disease and treatment .


Memrise, language learning, android

If you are a creative guy and you want to improve your skill by learning more languages then this app is the perfect match for you.

By using this app you gonna feel learning isn’t hard, it’s just fun. And everything you need to go from learning to speak, quickly with memorise. This app teaches you English.

6.Signnow – Awesome Android Apps

Signnow, electronic signature, android

This is a good business tool that allows you to electronic sign in pdf format or any other form. Simply sign the documents to one or multiple recipients to send them. The email signing invites you to let your recipients fill out the form and add E-sign from any smartphone to a desktop device from anywhere.


Deepstash, knowledge, android

Deepstash is an educational app that delivers knowledge from books, articles, and podcasts, this app is best to build a personal knowledge library. You can expand your knowledge while taking coffee or occasionally.


Cookpad, cooking recipe android

Do you like cooking? are you surf the web to search for a recipe? Then cookpad is for you!
Cookpad is community base app their people share recipes and cooking tips, cook pad provides us with over 500000 recipes uploaded by chefs or home cooks. cookpad also has a feature to bookmark any recipe, like recipe, comment and upload your recipe
On the cookpad app, you get to view
English Recipes, Hindi Recipes, Bengali Recipes, Gujarati Recipes, Marathi Recipes, and Tamil Recipes.

9.Haven Beta

Hevan beta, security camera Android.

Hevan is an app that let your old smartphone make reusable, it will turn your phone into a security camera. This app has features namely, motion detection, and SMS alerts, it can also record audio sounds.

If you want us to guide you click here for the full tutorial.

10.ThopTv – Awesome Android Apps

Thoptv, android, androidtv

entertainment app that is not available on the play store, through the thoptv you can watch movies, web series, and live channels it is completely free and has no cost just install the app and enjoy it.

11.Flud Torrent Downloader

Flud torrent downloader, no limit torrent downloader, android torrent

Flud comes in one of the best torrents clients available on playstore, this app’s features list is pretty big but one of the most loved features is no downloading and uploading limitations. This app is fully featured and has no limitations it is perfect for you if you love to download big files from torrents.

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