4 Things to Know About Splinter cells Remake

1. Cell is getting a rewritten and updated storyline using the original game as a foundation

2. A new job listing on Ubisoft’s career page indicates the Splinter Cell remake will be modifying the story of the original

3. Splinter Cell is a 20-year old game, and, as such, there’s a lot that’s outdated by modern standards. So, it’s not surprising that Ubisoft wants to modernize

•Linear, not open world Will evolve the Stealth Action •Redefined mechanics of the original •Emphasis on gadgets, stealth •Will focus on density rather than wide, open content •Snowdrop Engine is powerful, flexible, and can be iterated upon more easily •In-game areas, materials, etc will have an actual purpose and won't be "just eye candy" •Rebuilt in Snowdrop, many things will be redone from scratch

4. Confirmed Game Feature

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