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First Time Ever, Xiaomi Became No. 1 Smartphones Brand Globally in June’21.

Reports and researches suggest, Xiaomi benefitted from the decline of Huawei and Samsung’s supply constraints. Xiaomi became No. 1 Globally, beating Samsung and Apple.
Xiaomi Became No. 1
Xiaomi become number one in terms of sales for the month of June821721

In June 2021, Xiaomi showed a huge month-on-month growth of 26 percent and Xiaomi became No. 1 smartphone brand globally in terms of sales. Although the brand remains on the second number if the entire Q2 2021 is taken into account, where Samsung still leads the quarter with its highest number of sales.

According to data released by Counterpoint Research, Xiaomi is leading the top with a 17.1 percent market share in terms of smartphones sales Globally. Samsung is on the second position with its market share of 15.7 percent and Apple is on third, with a market share of 14.3 percent.

Source: Counterpoint Research Monthly Market Pulse, July 2021

Detailing the market dynamics, Tarun Pathak, Research Director at Counterpoint commented, “Ever since the decline of Huawei commenced, Xiaomi has been making consistent and aggressive efforts to fill the gap created by this decline. The OEM has been expanding in Huawei’s and HONOR’s legacy markets like China, Europe, Middle East and Africa. In June, Xiaomi was further helped by China, Europe and India’s recovery and Samsung’s decline due to supply constraints.”

Commenting on the China market and Samsung supply constraints, Senior Analyst at Counterpoint, Varun Mishra said, “China’s market grew 16% MoM in June driven by the 618 festival, with Xiaomi being the fastest growing OEM, riding on its aggressive offline expansion in lower-tier cities and solid performance of its Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9 and the Redmi K series. At the same time, due to a fresh wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam, Samsung’s production was disrupted in June, which resulted in the brand’s devices facing shortages across channels. Xiaomi, with its strong mid-range portfolio and wide market coverage, was the biggest beneficiary from the short-term gap left by Samsung’s A series.”

Samsung Vietnam Factory
Samsung’s mobile device assembly and production factory at Vietnam.

Furthermore, if the situation in Vietnam does not improve, Samsung may continue facing supply constraints due to the hit of its production as 50 percent of Samsung’s devices are made in Vietnam. However, once the situation improves, Samsung would bounce back to the top of the list. But the race has gotten close. Apart from these speculations, it will be interesting to see how the market will react once Samsung’s production reaches its usual point, or if Xiaomi manages to be on the top.

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