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iOS 15 Spotlight Became More Powerful After Last Update.

iOS 15 Spotlight Improvements

After the last update iOS 15 Spotlight feature has been Improved.

List of iOS 15 Spotlight Improvements

  • Rich Search Results
  • Web Image Search
  • Photo Search
  • Lockscreen Spotlight Search
  • App Search
  • Map Spotlight Search
  • Spotlight Search Warning

Rich Search Results in iOS 15 Spotlight

Apple’s Siri knowledge database expanded and apple’s spotlight features also improved. After the update, spotlight supports rich search results in iOS 15 beta. So you can access more information from the spotlight.

Search results iOS 15

For example, if you search for a movie or TV show, you will see information like how can you watch a movie, trailer, seasons, links to TV app and more.

Search results iOS 15

Web Image Search

Apple added image search through the web in the spotlight, now iOS can search images on the Web. The web image search feature can be used to find pictures of animals, places and person.

Device Image Search

Enhanced web image search isn’t the only new feature in the spotlight. The new update also offers to search images that already stored in the device library.
Spotlight surfaces the photos that are already stored in the device from the app section.
You can search through your photo library in the spotlight by location, people, scenes and specific objects.

iOS 15 Spotlight device Image search

Lockscreen Spotlight Search

Swipe downward on the lock screen and you can access the Spotlight search feature from the lock screen.

Whenever you access the spotlight from the lockscreen, it does not brings personal information like photos, images, messages. Focusing rather on general content like Siri knowledge, stocks, dictionary and more. All personalised results only come up when the device is unlocked

App Search In iOS 15 Spotlight

If you search for any app that you want to use. you can install it directly from the spotlight without leaving a spotlight.

app search iOS 15 Spotlight

Map Spotlight Search Improvement

If you search for a business that supports Apple’s App Clips feature, you can see action buttons on the Maps result in Spotlight. You can do things like access menus or tickets, see reservations, make an appointment, order takeout or delivery, see waitlist and showtime information, get parking details, and more.

IOS 15 Spotlight map

Spotlight Search Warnings

As part of a suite of child safety features, Apple is expanding guidance for ‌Siri‌ and Spotlight. That will offer resources to help children stay safe online and get help with unsafe situations.

If a user searches for topics related to Child Sexual Abuse Material, Apple will offer interventions that will explain to users that interest in this topic is harmful and problematic. Also offering resources on ways to get help.

Check the official preview of iOS 15 by clicking here.

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