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iOS 16 Android Launcher Crossed 50 Million Downloads

iOS 16 Android

It is surprising that iOS 16 is still not available for iPhone users, yet the iOS 16 Android look a like launcher has been downloaded more than 50 million times from Google Play.

There are many Android users who enjoy the iOS interface, but for a variety of reasons they use Android, so they install the iOS launcher along with a popular launcher that fulfills their needs.

Android users can now experience iOS 16 unofficially via the “Launcher iOS 16” app, in contrast to iPhone users who eagerly await Apple’s public release of the updated version.

And the app is not new on the Play Store. Three years ago, when it was published, it offered the iOS 13 interface, and year after year, when a new iOS version was released, it recreated every version.

This launcher gives your phone an iOS makeover, complete with an iOS-style app library, widgets, and iOS icons for apps like Messages, Notes, and Camera.

This launcher makes it easy to use by allowing many customization options, such as categorizing apps in the app library, and permits renaming apps, which Android already allows.

What’s more, the app publisher profile is called “luutinh developer,” which already has more than 15 other apps in the same niche. But his most popular app is this launcher with over 2.33 million reviews and 4.6 ratings.

This app was not very popular before Apple’s WWDC event. After the announcement of iOS 16, they reimagine the app with the upcoming version, and they got a lot more downloads.

Although this launcher includes many great features, one disappointment is that it does not include the new lock screen redesign or features from iOS 16.

If you want to experience iOS 16 on your android phone then you download from below.

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