About Us

About Us

A team of Tech Enthusiasts once thought of helping people by sharing their technical knowledge with people and making their life easier. The point arise, how? And the idea came is to connect people of the whole world with www (World Wide Web). So the idea turns to reality and the website TechDrago.com was introduced.

At TechDrago.com, we provide the news about the latest technology which are launching or expected to launch. We also provide tips and tricks regarding Android, iOS, Windows, and other OS. Additionally, our articles also include the comparison of gadgets covering smartphones, smart wearables, laptops, PCs, and all other technologies which are making life easy for humans like us. Furthermore, our articles also contain a how-to guide on the vast number of topics for beginners. Topics are commonly based on Mobiles OS, personal computers, and gaming consoles.

In this new era of technology, even while installing any basic application on devices or personal computers, people search for the best product to be installed. And this search does not end just for the application installation instead for buying anything or any service, consumers are more focusing on comparisons and researches before completing the task to get not just the better but best thing available according to their need and choices. We are serving to make these comparisons and researches parts easier for people. Our prime focus for this, is technology.

We are holding The Motive to provide the consumers the best technological knowledge for their next thing. And it is not just for the consumers, many other tech enthusiasts in this world are open to gain knowledge just as a hobby, and we serve them too.

If you are also a techie, who is liking our idea and wanted to join us in our journey of helping people. You are most welcome to join our team. Click here to apply.